Make myLevel base on 1 HighPoly Mesh or lots of lowPoly models?

Which way is more efficient.
for example I noticed that in CaveDemo all the cave is based on 3-4 Rock models.
is it really works faster than making each part of cave separately ?

when you are Using an static mesh a lot in your level, does it Count as Instances (is there any Benefit for doing that?) or each one of copies counts as totally different models.

Hi Karion,

There are all sorts of ways to build your levels depending on what you’re wanting to do.

You will find that with a lot of environment art, especially rocks, foliage, and large rock walls. Using this method can save on time more than anything! You don’t have to model the entire cave or each pebble in an environment. You can build one that can be used over and over and by rotating and scaling you make it work for your level.

This is one of the cave pieces that I made a rock face with just by rotating and scaling them.

Using Mesh instances will benefit you more than placing the static meshes individually. There may be things where you want to place the cave wall meshes and get them exactly like you want, but with grass or rocks on the ground you would want to use the Foliage paint tool as this would be more beneficial for your performance.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!


Thanks a lot Tim, :slight_smile:

Can you also tell me about the materials, in the CaveDemo when i looked at the materials and they looks very advance and strong but in ShaderComplexity view they are green! are those materials really that cool! and i can use similar materials like them a lot in my level without affecting much performance?

what makes a level to run slow!?

and about Foliage paint tool !?
the Documentation says:
" Lightmap Resolution must be a small enough number so that all the shadow map for instances in a single cluster (by default 100) can be tiled together without exceeding the maximum texture resolution (4094x4096). "

Does that mean that the more meshes i have in my level the less Light Map Resolution i should have?. (when using foliage paint tool)

No problem!

I know you’ve probably seen the documentation but I’ll post here for the sake of covering all bases.

Yes, with green covering your screen you’ll be getting good performance out of those materials. You can check out the materials videos we’ve made to get a better understanding of some of the things we do. They aren’t overly detailed as these materials but they’ll give you some starting points.

Materials Videos

Does that mean that the more meshes i
have in my level the less Light Map
Resolution i should have?. (when using
foliage paint tool)

This seems to read that way. I wouldn’t use the foliage paint tool to paint everything but for most common use cases there shouldn’t be a reason for the lightmap of those meshes to be exceedingly high. Using rocks and grass should be relatively low. Trees would be a higher resolution.


Thank you. really helpful info. :slight_smile:
Those things was really confuses me.