Make my textbox update its content clicking LeftMouse Button

Greetings people!

I am making a demo version is a tutorial for the player… Until now I have been successful, but at this very moment I found a problem and don’t know how to solve. When I enter the trigger, the OnBeginOverlap is fired, and it changes my text according to a sequence ( a storyteller narrating ).

Imagine that the player enters inside a DOJO (begin ovelap). After begin overlap trigger2, the storyteller is describing a situtation. Some texts are being displayed in sequence, inside UMG textbox multi-line. After some paragraphs, at a very specific moment, the storyteller says “Is time to learn your movements, press Left Mouse Button for hit1”.

Then, comes my doubt.

My intention is to teach the inputs for the player. At this very moment I want the player to press Left Mouse Button, then my UMG DialogueBox displays a message of “congratulations you did it”. I want to do the same with all the other hits, everything in sequence.

I am trying for a bunch of hours to make my textbox to update its content after clicking LeftMouse Button. All my attempts didin’t work.

I will show my stuff, maybe it could help =]

It’s kind of difficult to know where this is going wrong without more info but I think I can see whats going wrong.

First of all, are the clicks firing? Put a print node when the left mouse button is clicked. A breakpoint or just visually seeing it fire is important. I’d imagine it is though. It’s super important to know if this event is happening or not but let’s assume it is.

I can see from your blueprint that there is an issue with the logic. The stars really need to align for the “NICE JOB” print to fire. Please note that “OnBeginOverlap” fires ONCE when you START overlapping. It does not continually execute while you’re in there. You literally need to be clicking as you begin overlapping with a ~1 frame window for that text to appear.

Try something like this:

Nice! I am glad for the attention, thank you!

Maybe I’m not making by the most appropriate way, because I am not a programmer… This is a project for course, I am a student of game design. This DEMO is being done in team, but my programmer abandoned the group, Now I must do it by myself.

Yes I know that my click is firing, see this picture:

Maybe the error have to do with the Event begin overlap. Good information, I never thought by this way.

Until Now everything is working, the texts are changing, but the only problem is to define the boolean as true and upgrades the message.

This was a very helpful answer, from now, everything is clearer for me.
Thanks and I will do another test with the given information!

I took another look at what I provided and it’s not that efficient but it will work. Here is a more efficient and stable version of exactly what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Not a problem! Also check out my new response. Make sure that you mark off the best answer to help others in the future. I know when I’m looking for an answer I look for the green one :P.


This is too much complex for my, designer’s head, I am still trying to understand. But thank you so much!

It may be very useful in the future, although I guess the first example will work fine for now :smiley:
I will remember to put credits of help when finishes my game :smiley:

I didn’t know about that option to rate the answers… You are marked now!
Will try to implement that when I get home… Thanks again!!