Make movie in matinee from specific cameras?

I followed whats in this thread here: Matinee, how to render a video? - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

I can make it record me playing now problem. The issue is that I dont want it to record me playing, I want it to record the specific camera that I set up in front of a shop. So that when I get there and do stuff in the shop, it captures it from the angle of that camera.

But it always seems to record me no matter what. If I go to level BP and set the begin play to play the matinee… it records that while it’s playing… but then I can’t see my character anymore so I can’t do the things in the shop I wanted to capture, so it just captures a lifeless scene.

Eventually I’d like to be able to set up multiple cameras and switch them on the key frames which I can sort out one I think I can sort that out.

On a side note, is there a way to capture multiple videos at once from different cameras? For example the shop cam AND me playing on two separate videos?


Looking at the screenshot you already have a director track setup for the shop cam so i dont understand where you are having the problem. That Matinee actor should capture the shop cam’s view whenever it is activated.

You cannot capture multiple videos at once with Matinee unfortunately.

you say whenever its activated.
you mean pressing the movie button? or having the matinee play on event begin play.

Event begin play in the level blueprint does capture this camera while its playing but it also forces me to watch that camera too so i can’t see my character at all (since he starts in a different room, not where this camera is watching.)

Like I want to be able to control my character as per normal from my TPS follow cam… but the MOVIE be recording from a different camera to get whats going on at a different angle.

Oh, now i see what you are trying to accomplish. But it is not possible(at least for now), as far as i know.

awwww say it aint so :frowning: