Make Momentum for a Drone Project

Evening every one

Am working on a drone project for an upcoming student project and i have an issue with my drone mouvment

i want to make a momentum on releasing the key for make soming much realistic

thank you :slight_smile:

ps: sorry for the bad english

If you mean momentum as you you want the drone to continue moving after the input/key is released , but slowly come to a stop, you need to investigate interpolation functions that you can feed with delta seconds. Usually people use linear interpolation (look up lerp nodes), but in your case you will probably don’t want linear interpolation, but a curve interpolation function. This would make it so that if the period over which you want it to come to a stop is, say, 5 seconds, it moves further in the first second than in the second second, and so on.

well, i didn’t find this node in Unreal and i didn’t know where to plug it