Make Missle fly direction of its nose

Hey all! I am taking my first swing at physics based flight, and man is it a lot harder than basic x,y,z motion! I am working on a basic prototype to build a game with, and I don’t understand one basic principle for addImpulse… I have a missle model which I apply a force to, the best I can get is a missle which flys straight up even though it is turning to face it’s target. How do I use addImpulse to correctly add force to the back of the missle, in the direction of the missles nose? I’m sure this is a really dumb question but this is my very first time messing with 3d physics and I have messed with unreal for about 5 years. Anyone who can point me in the right direction(no pun intended) thank you so much!

You’ll want to get the vector that points the direction of the tip… if you pointed it along the right axis, you can use its ForwardVector.

If it isn’t pointed correctly, you can put an Arrow in it that points the right direction and use the forward of that, it is easier than the alternatives.

Multiply that vector by a force float and plug it into a pulse node… with simulate physics turned on for the rocket.
Like this…

Here’s the level if you want to mess with it.
[SimpleRocket Level][2]

Thank you! that’s working, now my final issue is that my missle is overshooting its target despite pointing in the right direction. I would assume this is because of accumulated impulse. Any quick tweaks to handle this? I’ve spent all day and either over shoot, undershoot, sideshoot, the missle never truely follows the direction of its nose because of the accumulated force.

A timeline with rapidly reduced multipliers to the vector applied as followup impulses can keep it on track… assuming it remains pointed at the target location.
Or you can force it to… using a lerp to prevent it being obvious.