Make meshes from UI options, procedural?

Hi, just trying something but not sure where to start. I want to be able to have some sort of UI with a bunch of options. This for the most part would likely be a mobile device app.

I want to be able to generate from the user input a bunch of objects that will basically design a room, So you would have floor size, wall locations, auto cut out floor for stair placement, auto cutout of walls for door and window placements. populate room with assets so beds, sinks lamps etc. Since this would be a loft I need to somehow have an option for a sloped roof at one one, also there are steels in the roof that add a ¬_ shape into the room which would need to be accounted for, but if i can get the mesh generation working i’m sure i could find a way to just add that in anyway.

If anyone has any ideas on how this could be achieved that would be great, I only really need currently how to make the room from on screen options, so a box for floor with X,Y value, maybe auto generate surrounding walls and ceiling from there because we always have at least 2m headroom with varients of upto 50mm usually but for this being perfect isn’t important and it wouldn’t really make sense to keep a constant variable (the fact that all rooms have walls and ceilings) as an option for the user to have to input. And how to add walls with the option to add the cutouts for the doors and windows where ever the user wants.

I’m not new to UE4 but i’m new to the concept of procedural generated content.

Cheers guys!