Make MergeStaticMeshActors node work the same way the Merge Actors tool does

Note: Duplicate from…0202/view.html for better chance at being noticed. I’m also currently looking into a workaround and will post anything I may find on the aforementioned question as an answer.

I’m currently including the Interactable Tree Creator asset from the marketplace into my workflow and gave Blutilities a shot for automating merging of single trees with and without LOD creation, since currently there still is quite some manual work necessary for that.

After recreating the manual workflow in a Blutility, I had to find out that the MergeStaticMeshActors node (from EditorScriptingUtilities) doesn’t work with a single actor (verified in engine code) like the Merge Actors tool does. So I also couldn’t test yet if this node already works with procedural meshes ( see…rocedural-mesh for reference), but since both code paths even share function calls into the MergeUtility class, it should be straight forward to align them to work similar.

Please consider this for making streamlining and automating similar worksflows possible via Blueprints.


It’s also a problem that the MergeStaticMeshActors node accepts only Static Mesh Actors, and not regular Actors like the original Merge Actors tool.
Adding Actor support would be really useful for lots of automated scene merging tools - most of the procedural placed assets are not Static Mesh Actors, but blueprint Actors.

yea I am currently making a system where objects construct themselves with bunch of static mesh actors lerping but once the action is done I want to merge the static mesh components together to reduce drawcalls. I cant seem to call or use actor merging (maybe it works, in that case let me know how please :wink: ) in bps as well which is unfortuante. Would be really awesome if Epic or someone knows how I could do either, its really helpful as you have the option to reduce drawcalls in bps significantly in my case.