Make Launch Character more powerful

I am currently developing some functionality for the AI in my game, I want him/her to jump on a platform if the player is on another platform. Right now he is performing a line trace from his head to the player, I subtract the location of the hit from the AI’s location and do a Launch Character. However I want him to jump a bit further because if I stand at the edge of a platform he falls short, how can I make the Launch more powerful?


Multiply by float just before to pin in lauch velocity.


an option I played around with was break vector and add some to the Z…should cause them to add a little more force to make up for the extra height…

This will may not help you as this is a totally different idea but if you add overlaping boxes upon your platforms and set a variable when your player overlap one, you know where he is and you can use this variable for your AI (maybe with an array registering platforms and giving the next platform to go to )