Make large array of structures from loop


I’ve followed (and slightly changed) a Tutorial and I want to store each created maze in an array of structures consisting of 3 other structure arrays. It works fine just doing it once, but to try and create even 2 of them causes and infinite loop (have made the iteration count up to max: 2147483647).

I want 10k of them. Only done once to create something to be read from, like a data table, this would be stored server side and then when a maze number is called for it can rebuild the maze from the given parameters.

Obviously one way would be to make the data table myself but I don’t think that a viable idea as I have to check all the positions to make sure they’re correct, which the blueprint does and then adds it to a structure.

Any way around the iteration issue, as I don’t even need to have this run as part of the game it can be separate as long as the game can be set to find it later on. Preferably this would be better as it would be unused by the player.



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Did you manage to find a solution?
I am facing the same problem…