Make Landscape Editing not afffect Foilage


I’ve been encountering an issue where if I try to edit a landscape where a foilage is placed in the foilage return to its “original” state, aka the rotation is reset and its position is moved to be directly above the landscape. Is it possible to tell unreal not to mess with the foilage while changing the landscape

It depends on the method used on to place the foliage… currently there are 3:

a - painting the meshes at Foliage tool (Shift+4)
b - landscape material with Grass node
c - procedural foliage spawning volume

Which one you talking about?

a - painting the meshes at Foliage tool (

I second this. we used to have an option to make landscape changes ignore the placed foliage, but it’s gone

oh so its not some checkbox I’m missing, well that’s a relief :D, I’ll be happy if anyone can come up with a workaround or something