Make known game?

Dear Community,

I and my team of 4 coden for 2-3 months at a Survival Horror game and want it now but make known only as? her Youtuber know the make or since you yourselves what?

Sorry, but what you typed doesn’t really make sense.

Sorry i´m not so good in english :slight_smile: my question: How can I make my game known

There is no recipe for this. First you have to make it somewhere officially available. For example try to put it on Steam. Then try to make your friends share it with their friends, give them free key (if you plan to sell it for money), then wait for the best. Even if your game is outstanding, it still has only just a tiny amount of luck to be really successful. Only a very few indie games get popular from thousands.

this is all you need to know: LMGTFY - Let Me Google That For You