make it easy to package and sync assets and plugins

Right now, assets can be packaged and imported, however it requires hand editing config files to add assets to package, followed by running a command line tool. I would like to suggest adding functionality accessible both in editor and in game that allows users and developers to create packages easily through the GUI. This will help adoption of templates and asset packages by the community outside the marketplace, as well as make it easier to integrate non-marketplace community resources, and make it easier to deploy for marketplace.

I would also like to suggest the ability to sync both asset packages and plugins using Git through the launcher and the editor (as well as maybe at runtime). This implementation should not only allow for syncing a single git repo full of assets and plugins, but allow for syncing multiple Git repos, including syncing based on tagged releases for versions in addition to the Git master. This would allow for easier syncing of internal and community made assets/plugins in a manner similar to how Linux distros like Debian allow for custom package repos. This is not intended to compete with the marketplace, but rather act as a tool for syncing assets, templates, and plugins at will from the community or internal sources.

I should note, with the sync functionality, the user should be able to chose what to sync, and what version/branch/tag to sync. This would help cut down on breakage and help with space management.

These two functionalities will make it much easier to share community plugins and assets outside the marketplace, as well as manage internal assets and plugins.