Make it brighter


I’m very new in Unreal Engine development and I’m trying to create a star with a material.

This is my material:

And this how I can see it in my game:

But they don’t have brightness like these:

What I can do to make them look like?

Try increasing your ‘color de emisión’, but to make them look like in the image you’ll probably need to use a custom graphics, not just a color.

Thanks. What do you mean with ‘custom graphics’?

Hes saying that you will most likely need to use a texture that looks like the star rather than just a plain colour parameter.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant.

Ok, so I need to add a texture to my parameter ‘EmiterColor’, isn’t?

This texture, does it must have the shape of a star? Like this one:

I’m going to watch Materials video tutorial this afternoon to learn more about it.

I have followed this tutorial, 1.5 - Emissive | Unreal Engine Documentation, and it seems that it is what you have suggested me.

I’m using a sphere. Is there anyway to always show the face with the texture to the user? Or maybe, does exist 3D Textures?

Following the recommendations, I’m using a texture with the emissive color. This is the material graph (I think):

And this it how I see it in the game:

If I change Glow value in material from 10,000 to 10, I see it in game:

This second one, looks like a star, but it doesn’t have a star’s brightness.

To render it I use a Blueprint billboard:

Does that texture have an alpha channel, because it doesnt look like it.

I don’t think so. Here is the texture:

You need to look into create alpha channels for transparent textures.