Make invisible from blueprint?

Hi, i have a game where the road disappears behind you as you walk. Problem is, atm i have the road set to a lifespan, but this won work in the packaged game.

Is there any other way i can make the road disappear? like make it invisible. I cant use matinee as it is a brush

Do not make road out of brush. Make it into static mesh, CSG brushes are meant for prototyping and development.
There is function in editor that turns CSG into static meshes, it works but produces bad results. Use that for development
instead and when you ready ask somebody to create proper meshes.

to hide actor in game use visibility toogle node. Or set visibility.

Nawrot, i know. But the stair brush is modified, and when i make the static mesh, the collision box is the same as the unmodified version, which i cant change.

Therefore i though there could be away to say like after a delay, hide the object. Instead of deleting it.

I could model some simple stairs in blender, but when i import it the stairs are like 1x1 mm and when i scale it up the texture dosent fit. I just want the stair brush

Just model single step in blender. Or make box, apply material and convert it to static mesh in editor, then add box collision in mesh editor inside UE. Add correct UVs and scale. Then make stairs BP that spawns all those steps and turnst them visible/invisible.

Or post dimensions in unreal unit you want for sigle step and make pic of your CSG mesh, i will make that step for you.

PS. Learn how to make simple meshes in blender there is no escape from it. Well there is but for that you need learn C++, then code procedure that makes your mesh data.

I’m not very experienced, how would you make a blueprint spawn the meshes? I would just manually put each individual block.

I believe that you can convert a brush into static mesh if you right click on the brush in outliner.

I got carried away a bit, so i made step meshes and blueprint to build stairs, only straight for now, but maybe i modify it later (But then i will collapse some stuff in macros).


so for now i made blueprint to create straight stairs or wall from bricks: “stairs blueprint.rar”](Dropbox - Error)

PS i am adding bend functions to this, will update if it works

PPS bending is not that easy need to get math for brick rot and new location right first
Also for some reason collision disappears on bend walls, probably too much overlaping

Wow your amazing, thanks. Can i use this in my little oculus demo? i will credit you

Sure you can use it. I will probably improve this if i find cheap and accurate math for bending.

Material sucks i could not find easy way to randomize it on instanced meshes, so i just randomly moved UVs of bricks.

But theres a problem, i dont know if it is the scaling or when i change the paramters, but all the steps are set for overlapping, but they wont overlap, i go right trough them.

If by overlapping you mean collision setting then yes you go trough them because its overlapping, you need set collision to collide.
Also instanced static meshes have sometimes problems with collision. Yesterday stairs sometimes had it, and sometimes did not.

Easy solution to this is to spawn invisible static mesh on top of them that will provide collision. It was late yesterday (like 3am) so i went sleep.
Blueprint needs one more section to spawn single static mesh and scale it to width of step or row.

I have ideas how to improve this (and add bending, more randomness) I may do this today, but i will collapse lots of nodes into macros, so if you want to modify blueprint better keep first version around, its easier to get what is going on from not collapsed bp.

Settings may be a bit misleading:
WY and WY is number of bricks, they all are 10x10x20 (i will add variable for size of brick, probably vector)
Step H is vertical offset of next step ie. step height. this is applied before scaling. So if you set scale to 2,2,2 real offset will be two times more then value of Step H
Brick offset is offset of every other row, again calculated before scaling.

I want to add few more things (but only if they do not slow down construction script, which bending did, but i have idea how to make it fast)
cosinus displacment for X and Y axis, ie middle of stairs will be slightly lower than sides to simulate wearing off. It should fit gauss curve but cosinus will work just as nice.
bricks that are more random (better meshes) and random rotating by 90/180/270deg for X and Y axis so each step has different side up/forward
bending, i calculated rotation and location for every brick it was slow, i think i know how to calc delta for rotation and position for each row or column, so this should speed up.
And last thing is that collision, its simple to add but with bending it may be not trivial.

Thanks man, looking forward to seeing more updates on the blueprint, i think many people would like something like this.

I added collsiona and some randomizing stuff.

here is new thread: Blueprint: straight stairs creator with brick pattern and extra randomness. - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums