Make grappling hold no matter what???

First of, Hi to everyone :smiley:
I am fresh starting modding, for the first time … and as I do with the rest of life, I tend to make bigger plans that I can chew right at the start :D, and this I think I want to try and keep to a minimum this time.

Now … over to my question:

I have a plan and design in my head of making a grappling hook type thing, with new look, and hopefully new things. First thing first … is it possible to make so the hook/arrow will stick to a dino/player, and not release when in combat?

I want to make it so if I grapple a dino that will flee if shot at, it will not release.
Later on I want to expand on this to also be able to stick to players, but not before I can figure out a way for a player to get lose from it somehow… I could have a 2 part to it, a hook that can hold on, and a wirecutter that u need to keep in inventory to get the cable off … but this for later.

First of only, is it possible to make a hook that can hold onto a dino even if I damage the dino??? As in the only way is to unhook it (crouch)…

No one know if this is even possible?

I’m sure its possible, just a matter of figuring out how its working. I looked around but came up empty handed. I assume that there may be a blueprint attached to the actual grappling arrow but found none… it may be as simple as a button box click but the descriptions for “what and how” on the commands are vague if not just simply replaced with helpful INI commands or something. I can however lead you to the “making a grappling hook type thing, with new look, and hopefully new things” I think. The appearance of the grappling hook “arrow” is a static mesh “model” called “SM_GrappHook_Arrow” that is connected to the “ProjGrapHook” (PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Projectiles/ProjGrapHook) which also happens to be the file that seems to have a lot of the information you may be looking for…
Hopefully this post will trigger a response from someone who may be of better help to you.
Best of luck!