Make GPS data available trough Blueprints

Hi. It would be nice to be able to access smartphone’s GPS data trough blueprints, for AR games like running from an enemy.

I´m making some research to try implementing it by myself (because noone seems to be releasing a plugin or something)

If someone has any advice, please, share it with us.


Hey mahri726,

I have introduced a feature request for opening phone/tablet GPS data to Blueprint.

You can follow its progress here:

Always +1 for exposing more things to Blueprints :slight_smile:

Lol, looks like I was the first to upvote it on the tracker :slight_smile:

thankk you for blueprint support

now that there is blueprint support…
are there any demo / samples how to get it to work…
been trying , but failed miserably… :frowning:

Just a quick word: I released a Location Toolkit pack on the Unreal Engine marketplace which demonstrates, simplifies, and configures the GPS data usage and acquisition for mobile platforms. Blueprints only, native engine support.