"Make" for blueprint struct crashed editor on delete

Sometimes the “Make” node for a blueprint defined struct becomes corrupt and any attempt to delete it crashes the editor.


The corruption shows up as numbers after the variables in the struct: for example the MyFloat input becomes MyFloat 3 on the node.

After fully unlinking the affected node and recompiling the blueprint, it can be deleted once again.

Hello ZoltanE,

I’ve not been able to reproduce your issue. Could you please provide some more information on how you set things up? Is there a certain thing you do that makes it corrupt?



Unfortunately I can’t make it happen at will, they are just like that sometimes when I open a blueprint. Sometimes only one of the Makes, sometimes all of them, most of the time everything is normal. I don’t recall ever seeing the numbers appear in the input names while I was working with/near the Make nodes.

I keep working with these structs and check deleteability from time to time, maybe I can catch the problem before the extra numbers show up. Can I print the undo stack somehow? It would help to see what I might have done.

I found one again. I copied it to the clipboard and compared it to an freshly made node set up identically. The differences are:

  • The object names (Name=“EdGraphPin_8311”), no surprise there.
  • Some of the default values are not “0.0” but “0.000000”
  • PinFriendlyName and PinToolTip have numbers after the name, matching the ones found in PropertyName.

Pasting a broken node back to the editor make it proper again.

That’s odd that both of your issues are in the same blueprint.
(Unlinked Make Array node, crash on compile - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums )

I would try a couple things here. Remake that blueprint from scratch. Start over from a new blueprint and make it exactly the same. Maybe the blueprint got corrupted somehow?

If that doesn’t work, then take a closer look at the variables you are passing in and out of the node. Maybe something is off with the variables you are passing into the array?

If that doesn’t work then we need to take a closer look at the things in your blueprint that use arrays that appear to be working. Maybe something is setup in a way that appears to be fine, but actually makes things not work further down in the execution of the blueprint.

This issue is only one blueprint and in one project too right? Or does it span multiple projects?


As I discovered, if a function has a local variable then a typeless make array node makes the editor crash on compile. That links it to this issue: the struct in question happens to have an array variable which can not be left blank, it requires a make array node. On the deletion of the Make Struct the Make Array becomes orphaned which it seems instigates the bug. Removing the local variable fixed this problem as well.

Oh and the numbers in the input names have nothing to do with any of this.