Make enemy follow player but only along one axis

Hey guys.

I’m trying to make an enemy always follow my player in a sidescroller but I only want them to follow my character on one axis. When player character jumps the the enemy starts following them on the Z axis as well.

I’ve been trying to only pin one single axis and it does adjust the movement of the enemy but it starts moving it in a completely different direction.

This is the non restricted working blueprint.

And this is what I am attempting to do but it messes up enemy’s movement direction


What you have in your second image seems to ONLY be using Z, it seems you want to plug in x and y and ignore Z.

I’ve tried plugging in both x and y and the enemies start walking away from the character towards the camera at a 45 degree angle

I think you may make a new location vector and feed that vector with only the player’s axis you want the enemy to follow along … and add movement input to the enemy towards that location vector.
I am sorry I am just an absolute beginner, so please pardon me if I am wrong … I just wanted to help.
Good luck :slight_smile:

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