Make empty character controllable

I am place an Empty Character from the Modes>Basic menu.

When I observe its details panel, I see a massive list of exposed variables to the editor that give strong indication that I can use this as a first person controller.

It has a massive list a movement variables for things like “Walking , running, jumping”, in addition it has variable for camera, as well as player possession. All these things give me the indication that I can use this out of the box as a first person player controller.

So my first question, is quite simply, is this the case? Can I use a Empty Character without using blueprints or C++ classes, to make an first person controller?

If this is the case, what variables need to be set to what, to make this possible?
I have set “Auto possess player” and “Auto receive input” both to player0. When I hit play the camera moves to the characters perspective, but input is not controlling it.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide.

have you read through this Setting Up a Character | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hi! Thank you for responding!

Yes I have read through that exact article. And it is sort of my source of confusion…because it suggests using a c++ component. So just to be clear, I am not asking “how do I make a first person controller”, and that is not my specific goal here. My specific question, as mentioned above is

I am just trying to wrap my head around possible ways of doing things, and what certain things are intended for. Like I mentioned in my first post…the Empty Character object has a LOT of variable exposed in the details pane, that suggest it could be dropped in, and used out of the box as a first person player controller. The tutorial you listed starts off quite early in saying “make a c++ component”. So I have no qualms with using blueprints, or more preferably a c++ component to make a first person controller. I am just curious. I don’t want to assume that that tutorial is the best and only way to do it.

So why are there are these variables in an empty character for walking, running, jumping, input, and player possession, if you can not use these things out of the box.

Thanks again for any feedback you can provide!

Hi Just took a look at the Empty Character and to beable to use it you would need to click the Blue button Edit Blue Print in the Detail section so you can add Character controls in the event graph or you wouldn’t get no control over it once you have added player control you can then posses it on level start or use it as main character in the World settings, in a way it is like drag and drop but you still need to give it user control or ai control scripts

Thanks so much!