Make dedicated server and install Steam microtransactions - Network Engineer

Need unreal engine network engineer to make Unreal Engine demo project with dedicated server and Steam microtransactions installed.

Main milestones of the project are:

-Must be able to register at game website or steam to make account.
-login screen and go into server and see other players (authentication must be done thru Steam?  or you know another secure method?)
-buy inGame currency on website or Steam page, then login and see players account -updated with ingame currency purchased.   show panel telling player it is added too.
-help install payment processor (like onto game website, do small purchase after install, and make sure it updates the player account with the inGame currency.
-do microtransaction purchase of skin in the inGame store.
-put easy instructions for our local engineer to install easily. could make video too.

other points:
dedicated server:

In game currency will be sold on game website and Steam, and should update players account after purchase. UE project should have easy instructions to install and update so our local engineer can install.

Send me Private Message if you can do this small job. Send me your quote with your message and duration to complete as well.

Thank you