Make controllable player walk while speaking then enable normal controls?

Hi, quite new to UE4 still and Im doing my FMP for 3rd year in my uni and basically my character starts off in a shopping mall and picks up his phone, while hes on the phone I want the player to still be able to move but only walk, and when the phone call ends he is back to normal controls. Not sure how to start this or go about this but an example is here (4:30 - 5:10):

Have you got any animations for your character? You can youtube blend space 2d. You will need idle to walk to run animation. The animation will be played depending on the player movement speed.

Once you done that add new state in your character state machine (youtube that if you havent got it setup) and do the same but with diff animation. Idle on the phone and walk on the phone. Again the blend space 2d should be derived from the character movement speed.

make a boolean variable to enter the state. Just call it on the phone. When you want the character to receive a call simply set on the phone boolean to true and change the character maximum movement speed.

set it to false and change the max movement speed to default when the character finished talking on the phone.

Is it possible for me to see an example of what you mean? I’ve made the idle/run states and some extras, I have my character talking on the phone but its only his UpperTorso that speaks on the phone, I want to keep the same normal walk cycle that I have. Do I make a 2nd blend space with Idle being my character on the phone and max speed to? Im not quite sure how