Make Collision a Higher Resolution

We are making a game where you control a rolling ball. However, the collision for the base sphere is too low. Because the resolution is so low, we can’t achive a smooth rolling movement.

We have tried importing custom collision. But the engine always massively decimates the collision, casing it to be super janky.

The Base sphere collision when editing a static mesh has too low of a reolution in order to achive a smooth enough surface. A way to increase the subdivisions on the collision would be a huge help.

Also, making Simple Collision Complex stops simulating physics, so sadly I can’t use that.

Have you tried playing with these already?

I have now. and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I feel that the issue is likely still the fact that Ue4 makes our Sphere colliders massively decimated. and our perfectly spherical object rolls around like a 20 sided dice.
Do you know of any way to increase the resolution of colliders?

Are you sure? I think with Sphere Collision they use a perfect sphere because its the simplest. You can just check the distance to the center to determine if there is any collision. Only if you render it it looks edgy. It would be unneccessary to have a polygon collision mesh as a sphere and perform lots of triangle intersection tests. So I think the problem lies elsewhere.

I am rolling the ball across a Perfectly flat surface that only consists of 1 polygon. Occasionally (at different points) it will just bump into the air, taking control away from the player at often critical moments. The ball has a sphere collider on it. It appears very low res in the viewer, but as you say this may not be an issue.
This is also a problem even with Ue4’s base ball controller. So I have no idea if this is a fundamental problem with ue4s physics.
Can you confirm that this method works with the Ue4 Ball controller? If so, I may just rebuild the entire player controller if I have to.

Dont use the polygons of the sphere mesh for collision. use a simple sphere collision instead.

This is what I’m thinking too. Simple collision in this case would be far more accurate than complex. Win-win :slight_smile:

Sadly I tried it with simple sphere collision. This is even the default option with Unreals base rolling ball Controller. Both are set to spheres in the collision editor, but they still skip around.