Make character turn instead of strafing?

I want my first/third person character to turn instead of strafing when using the left joystick, just like, I don’t know, most other games I guess. I currently just have the default movement, and I haven’t been able to find any help. All help is greatly appreciated.

In TPS the character turns instead of strafing from the box.

In FPS you can hook the Right/Left keys to Control Rotation instead of mouse/joystick input, adding some math to turn [-1,1] axis values to degrees.

Thanks so much for answering! This isn’t. exactly what I’m looking or, though. I started my project in FPS not realizing this would be a problem. I want the same movement and camera as TPS. I’ve already set up a camera switch as I planned, and lots of other blueprint related stuff and some scenery in he world, so I definitely don’t want to start over. I there’s no easier way, I’ll just try importing the TPS character and transferring the blueprints and all to it.

Nevermind, I just put my left joystick x-axis on turn. Problem solved, but it turns a bit fast.

Multiply it by float < 1