Make character stand up after ragdolling

I have got the blueprint for the character to ragdoll, however the rotation sticks when I turn control back on and the character walks in the right direction but completely wrong rotation. I’ve reset control of the player but I don’t know how to reset the player’s rotation to the initial one, even less making it a smooth getup from whatever rotation they are ragdolled at. physics.PNG
Here is what I have but no idea what to do for rotation/animation. New to Unreal

Easy, fast way: set Capsule Component Rotation to 0,0,0 with a SetComponentWorldRotation node or SetComponentRelativeRotation node. You might fall through the floor when that snaps back to 0, so also use a AddComponentWorldLocation and set the vector to something like 0,0,50. That should raise you off the ground 50 units at the same time.

Slightly hard, smooth way: use a Rinterp node and a Vinterp node to smoothing rotate and translate your capsule component up into a standing position. You first need to save a vector variable of your capsule component’s world location + 0,0,50. Then you’re going to drag from capsule component, “GetWorldRotation” and “GetWorldLocation”, plug those wires into the “current” slot in the Rinterp and Vinterp nodes. Then plug in the saved vector variable into the Vinterp’s “target” slot. Add a new Timeline node (we use this as a temporary tick event). Plug your F input event/execution line into the Timeline’s “play from start” slot. Plug the Timeline’s “update” wire into your SetComponentWorldRotation and SetComponentWorldLocation event/execution slots. Plug your Rinterp and Vinterp into SetComponentWorldRotation and SetComponentWorldLocation. Add a speed value to the Vinterp and Rinterp nodes. Finally, plug in a GetDeltaTime (or maybe it’s GetDeltaWorldSeconds) node into the “delta time” slots of the Vinterp and Rinterp nodes. Dun

Note: timeline node has a bunch of good uses with graphs for smooth/sporadic interpolation or just needing a clean way to add temporary tick events. You can see all that if you doubleclick on the timeline node. There is a looping option checkbox and some others in there as well (I believe the “start on begin play” checkbox is actually not responsive).