Make character/object collide with everything but clip through camera

So im real new to unreal and making games in general. My scene is a 3rd person type game andhas 2 characters, one of them being the playable character and the other is sort of a floating side kick robot. similar to 343 from halo and Wheatley from portal 2. Now, my main issue that i have is that i want this side kick ai character to collide with everything in the world but the 3rd person camera. As of right now, if the floating orb comes in between my character and the camera, the spring reacts and collides with it. I have no clue how to go about it. i’ve dabbled around a bit looked at other questions that i thought were similar and wathced a few videos, but couldnt find a solution to my problem. does anyone have any insight on this? it would be very appreciated.


You can set custom Collision presets for all your characters or components it’s also possible to create new Collision channels.
Go to your Sidekick (Character or Component) and set the collision of it to custom and ignore the camera.
(That could cause clipping in some situations )

Oh fantastic! thank you so much!