Make character NOT move in the direction of camera

Pretty simple question, how do I make the character not move in the direction of the camera? I tried disabling orient rotation to movement but that just disables the rotation of the player, he still moves in the direction of the camera. I basically want him to keep moving in a single direction when a Boolean is true, independent of the camera rotation.

  1. Do you use Root motion? If it’s true, It makes totally different.

  2. Did you check “Use Controller Desired Rotation”? It will affect your character’s rotation also.

Hope you will find the resolution :slight_smile:

Its not root motion, im using the third person starter template. “Use Controller Desired Rotation” does nothing really. The character still moves in direction of the camera.

I got it resolved, I was trying to make a dive roll mechanism for which I found another method, by using “Launch Character” instead of “Add movement”. For anyone with a similar problem, you probably have to mess with “Get Control Rotation” under keyboard inputs in the CharacterBP.

Hello, I have the same problem and I can’t find the solution at all. Could you please show the blueprints to it? I’m new to UE4 so I’m very confused and can’t figure out how to use “Launch Character” to fix it. I’d really appreciate the gesture and I hope you have have a good day.