Make character hold a specific item when ever a particular map is loaded?

What is the best way to make a player character start out with an item depending on which Level they are in?

I want to make it possible for the player character to hold a specific item when ever I load up a particular level map in the UE4 editor.

I was originally planning to attach the item to the player character’s hand socket in their character blueprint, but then It came to my mind that maybe then the character itself would always hold that item. What would be the best way to approach this?

Maybe not the best way but a quick and easy way:

Then you can do something based on the string


Your you can just use get level name in your character BP and use that.

Level DB approach.

Create an actor class (Level DB) that has a variable for the item (actor class reference). Add the actor to your levels and configure it. In the gamemode: get all actors of class (level db) → get index (0) → get item var.

When you spawn the character pawn in game mode (possess controller etc) spawn the item and attach it to the pawn.

Hey, Thanks a lot for your response. How can I create a Level DB actor? Are you referring to DataBase, like an item database sheet?

Thank you for your reply and for sharing this. I will look into it.

A level DB is simply an bp actor class with nothing other than data in it.