Make character follow player

Hello, I am trying to make a blueprint where a actor follows the player around. I have found many tutorials on how to do this but all of them seem to reference a non existing “Get Controller” node.
Any idea of what its replacement should be? Is this from a old version? I tried assigning self to the GetAiController and assigning that but it does not seem to work either.

Here is what I have:

It does not seem to do anything.

Imo dont do it in tick… heres my recommendation:
In AI bp, get reference to actor which you want to follow, there are many ways…
In begin play, " set timer by function name" loop, few seconds.
Use get actor location and actor ref to node “move AI to”
Attention!: you must place “nav mesh” to your level and scale it to whole level, ai can move only inside of that box.

Where is this “Ai” blueprint? I keep seeing people use it but I do not have that in any of my folders. I just created a new project third person blueprints.

AI is artificial inteligence :slight_smile: it means its character which is controlled by computer…
so i meant you want to make your AI to follow you… Like when you summon dog or creature and you want it to follow you…

I’ve literally just done this exact thing as a learning exercise.

I followed this:

I didn’t use the top-down template I just used a blank project and migrated the third person stuff. But it works. The mannequin follows me around. I’m sure once you have it working you can then take that knowledge and develop it more in-line with your actual needs. :slight_smile:

That looks great, thanks. I am stuck on one of the steps however. I am here:

It says: Create the following graph. What node is the one I have highlighted? They do not give a name for it?

NotEqual. I think it’s called that. You can also just type in != to the search box.


There’s a few similar nodes later on in that wiki article. The search box lets you just type in the conditional to find the node.

Go here and scroll down to “Relational and comparison operators” if you’re unfamiliar with them.