Make Character Fly Forward in a Wave Motion (3D)

I’m very new to Unreal Engine, and am taking a beginner course on Blueprints. I am currently working off of the Third Person Blueprint, and wanted to make an “ability” that the player character can use, which will move them forward in a wave-like motion.

My current setup allows the player to hold the right mouse button to constantly move in whatever direction the camera is facing:

I’m kind of lost in all the different options for setting planar constraints, physics, gravity, etc. for the player and don’t really know where to begin. I basically want the player to constantly move toward the camera, but following the same path as a sin(x) graph.

I was thinking of making the player unaffected by gravity, then moving them toward the camera at a constant rate while setting their z value using a sin, but have no idea how to do that. I’m probably way off on that, but I guess it’s the learning process. Any help is appreciated.