Make character face crosshair direction

Hello everyone.
I want my character in the side scroller that I’m working on to turn her face left or right depending in where the rosshair is in the screen… Meaning if the crosshair is in the left half of the screen, i want the character to face left, and vice versa.
I tried using “Convert Screen Position To World Location” but i can’t quite get the right way to do it…
Any help would be appreciated.

Bonus question: how can i tie the rotation of the arm to the crosshair so it actually aims at it when shooting?
Thanks :slight_smile:

You can use getMousePosition and then compare with your character location.

Please refer to this link: Get Mouse Position | Unreal Engine Documentation

You have to plug the player controller into the target node.

Hope this helps.

Yeah, I was already using GetMousePosition. I think I get it wrong in the “comparing” section.
Can you please give me a heads up?
That’s what I was doing: