Make changes to engine, how do I carry over to projects already created

Have a 4.15.1 modified version. Made some additional changes after making a project with it already, how do I go about carrying those changes in the engine over to the project? I’m hoping rebuild, debug will do it.

Use a version control system. Hey are you having trouble with SetupAttachment like me?

I’m ok with Github, what’s the best way to upload UE4 projects? I tried before but kept getting errors that said project was too big. My game projects are about 50-60 gb.

I like using SourceTree from Atlassian which offers a GUI for git. I keep my engine and project code local, but you also have the ability to interact with github when you want.

Switch the Projects Version over to your custom version. You can do this by right-clicking on the .uproject file and selecting “Switch Engine Version”.

Depending on what you changed, you may of course have to make some changes to your Projects code.