Make camera mimic animated actor's transform in sequence

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a sequence for a movie where an object rendered in Maya will be composited onto an environment rendered in UE4. The artist has sent me an animated cube representing the camera (fbx format), but I’m not sure how to use that animation together with the Unreal camera (a custom 8K stereo camera for dome projection). AFAIK I can’t just make the camera a child of the cube actor (like I would in Unity), and I can’t use the cube animation as a camera anim… I’m pretty new to Unreal.

I was thinking about making a blueprint that takes the transform of the cube and applies that to the camera, but the camera movement has to be 1:1, obviously.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

just export the camera in maya baked in world space (not in any rig) exported to fbx
then in sequencer, create a camera
right click the camera track and click import
then import your camera fbx, it should match, but you may have to manually type in your film sensor sizes, as that has some tricky caveats