Make camera lag behind player?

So I have this script which makes the character rotate with the camera, how would I make the character slowly rotate to the cameras position instead of rotating with it immediately? For example if I moved the camera to the right the character would slowly move to the right. I only started scripting with blueprint a few days ago so if you also included examples and helped me make it then it would be really really helpful, thank you!


Hello MorkienA,

If I understood what it is that yo are trying to accomplish, the documentation below should cover what it is that you are trying to do. I hope this information helps.

Link: Using Spring Arm Components in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

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No no no that’s not what I meant. I already have the camera and the character, what I did was make the character rotate with the camera so the character’s back is always facing the camera, but instead of the character snapping to the camera I want him to lag behind smoothly, for example if I move my camera to the left the character moves a split second later smoothly to where the camera is. This is what I currently have

This is the code that makes the character rotate with the camera


I know it’s a long shot, but did you ever happen to figure this out?