Make Button bigger on mouse hover.

How to make Button in Widget bigger on mouse hover in BluePrints ?

On that widget’s Tick, check to see if isHovered is true. If it is, set its Render Transform Scale to be something like 1.25 or whatever value you feel works best. If the widget’s isHovered is false, you can set it back to 1.0. You can use a DoOnce before setting the Render Transform Scale to keep from constantly setting the scale every Tick and save yourself a little overhead. Reset the opposite do once after setting the Render Transform Scale.

I haven’t played around with 4.9 yet, so I’m not sure if there’s a better way to do this already, but this is how I would do it in 4.8 or under.

Imho making an animation inside UMG Editor and playing it while on mouse hover is the way to go + you can easily add e.g. transition or some other effects when OnHover. Then, play it in reverse when cursor leaves your button.

Yes, that sounds much better than Ticking. When did On Mouse Enter become overrideable? Haha

Since always :slight_smile:

Ok guys, thanks for your help :slight_smile: !

Good gravy, I can’t believe I’ve missed that for this long. It’s like my brain blocked out that section of the overrideable functions every single time I’ve opened it before today.

I’ve got some projects to optimize…