Make blueprint camera follow empty object

Hello, I’m experimenting with a top-view perspective on a blank project with no starter content.

I made a character blueprint with a camera and added a cube component in front of it. I want the camera to follow the cube instead of the character itself.

I also want the cube to stop whenever there is a collision, and not clip through it, so that the camera also stops.

I’m not very experienced with blueprints, so I’m sorry if this seems like a noobish request. I would really appreciate it if someone points me to the right direction.

Hey Zefengel,

You can actually hide or delete the character that’s within the character blueprint. By doing this, you’ll still have the collision capsule and the camera will still be following a ‘character’. I tested this out in the Top Down Template. You can always create a new character blueprint as well and set it up with only a collision capsule and attach the camera to it that way too, but it’s likely less work for you to just modify what’s in the template.

If you have any further questions, please let us know. Have a great day!

I figured it out myself a while after asking this question, thanks for your reply, though!

I also figured out this was not exactly what I wanted. I need an invisible component in front of my character that my camera will follow so that the camera can always be ahead of the player. In short, this is more or less what I want to do: -Make invisible pawn on component/different blueprint -Control pawn and character at the same time (With same inputs) -Make pawn faster than character -Create collision for pawn -Make pawn ignore character’s collision -Make camera follow pawn -Restrict pawn from going too far away from character

This probably involves a lot of blueprint scripting, so all I would ask is a headstart. I would really appreciate your help with this.