Make arrows push a dino?

I don’t see any pushing effect, like with the dino attacks, in projectiles in weapBow or PrimalItemAmmo_Arrow. Is there a way to make arrows push a dino without doing damage?

****, I was afraid of that. Guess I’ll have to learn blueprints. Thanks for the info.

You could also do it something like this. might need to cast to the actor tho. You would change the impulse value

If you have to cast:

Don’t know for sure if it requires damage to work, but you could try to add a Direct Impulse variable, with the Direct Damage at 0 under “Weapon Config” in the Project BP.

this would be a better way to do it if it works. ive never actually dealt with weapon dmg tbh

Hmm, all this is beyond my current knowledge, must learn more…

Where exactly would I be placing this BP code you are showing me? And is it a reworking of an existing BP or made from scratch?

Copy PGD, TGM, and GenericMod lvl from GenericMod to your own folder under mods. (Mods/PushyArrows). Rename those 3 files accordingly. Copy the ProjArrow or whatever it is to your mod folder, copy PrimalItem file to your mod folder, copy EngramEntry file to your mod folder. Link those three files. I go EngramEntry->PrimalItem->Actor. Mess with values in ProjArrow for dmg as it is the actor. Link your stuff in your PGD (EngramEntry and TGM). Name your Mod in your PGD. Link your PGD and your TGM in your lvl file. Clear TheIsland from force load level in your lvl file directly below where you linked your PGD.

You should have enough info now, along with the info on the forums, to get started well enough.

Yes. That would be correct. Sorry if there was confusion