Make array of Overlapping Actors' Transforms

As shown in the picture, the script is always checking the Spotlights that are overlapping a trigger and making an array of them. What I’d need to do is to make an array of each spotlight’s transform info too, but I can’t seem to find a way of doing that. I’d definitely want to just always Set it as an array, so that it’s always responsive as the Spotlight Array is. I’m using both Arrays in a different Level.

This just takes the Transform value of SpotlightToSpawnArray index [0] and so the Transform Array is only one index long. How can I correct this?

Please read this document for the usage of Arrays:

You might want to use the “Add” node instead of the “Make Array” (and not use the “Set Array”)

Consider the Array as a list which contains a Integer (the index number for the entry) and the object that you Add in the array.

That’s exactly what I don’t want to do, because then it’s very hard to remove the right indexes off the array. Just like with the array of overlapping actors, I’d like it to remove the transform of the other array too when the Actor stops overlapping.

Well, after trying different options I think I got it to work with using the Clear and Add nods after all. Everytime there is a new Transform which isn’t in the array, it Clears the whole Array and Adds everything in it again.
I just hoped there would’ve been an easier way to do this, but this’ll work. :’ D

Anyways, thank you for your answer!