Make animation update after camera

I tried to ask this on the AnswerHub, but no one ever responded so I figured I’d try here.

Basically, I’m working on a true first person viewpoint for my game, and now that I’m doing the aim down sights system I’ve run into a problem where the IK I use to center the gun in the screen is lagging behind by a frame. I’ve tried setting the camera to the pre physics tick group and the mesh component to the post physics group. I’ve also tried adding the camera as a tick prerequisite to the mesh component. Nothing ended up helping. Is there any way to make sure that the camera updates before the animation? I’m using basically the same control method as the first person template, so I tried also setting the input component as a tick prerequisite for the mesh, but it didn’t do anything either. All I need is to be able to place IK targets relative to the camera without them lagging behind by a frame when I look up and down. Does anyone know how to do this?