Make Animation Follow Movement Direction

Im testing my animation on ue4 and the walking animation didnt work as i expected,what i am trying to achieve is to make the animation follow movement direction when you press w a s d sort of the one in third person example project which is when walking backwards the character turns around and play the animation, but mine didnt whether walking diagonaly backward or left to right the animation would still play facing forward even though i set the bp anim system and movement similar to third person example

heres the setup

Drag CharacterMovementComponent into the graph and set ‘Orient Rotation To Movement’ to true on the movement component. There is also a ‘Use Controller Desired Rotation’ bool that might be on interest in the same component.

Actually you can just click on the movement component and set the values in the properties panel.

it didnt work it only moves the camera (or the relative scene idk which) but not the individual character like in third person example project when you plays w a s d the character animation independently rotate to direction of the movement