Make an open world game in ue 4?

i want to make an open world game. i want to know can i make an open world game in UE 4?
is it hard???
what s about C++ Programming??

You can. There is no specific tutorial [yet], but an example of the technique you would want to use can be found in the Content Examples demo project under the Level ‘Level_Streaming’.

The first step would be to create your open world with a terrain generator and break it up into acceptable size chunks. Then from the Landscape toolset (Shift+f3) you can begin loading them all into your level and placing them.
Then you would have to implement the streaming techniques as noted in the Content Examples demo.

You’ll want to do it the same way Skyrim does. Build the world in blocks of land and and stream each block as it comes into view. If you can get the level streaming working properly as Demonicated suggested, you’ll have the basework to make a massive scale open world game.

That is a lot of work though. You have to make a lot of content to fill up a world. It takes a fairly deep understanding of world building to create an evocative one.

In terms of coding, that’s going to be dependant on what kinds of features you want in the gameplay and how much things interact.

I suggest you follow this rule:

Only ever add one element at a time to the world and connect it to each element that precedes it.

Hey man me and a friend want to make an open world game in ue4 but dont know how the workflow goes for making an open world. I would love to do it like skyrim does it just need to know how to go about it within ue4

As of version 4.10:

  1. Create a level (this will be your umbrella or top level map that holds all the sub-levels)
  2. Open Level Window (Top Toolbar → Windows → Levels)
  3. Click Levels → Create New.
    a) This creates a sub level
  4. Repeat for all the map sections you currently have planned out - name them appropriately, either by region or grid system (like A1, A2, B1, or Wetlands, Market, ect)
  5. In the Levels window right click on the section you want to work on and select Make Current
  6. When adding content to your level, make sure that you always have the correct level set to Current
  7. Make trigger boxes at the edges of your sub levels that will stream load the adjacent sub levels.
  8. Google “Unreal level streaming tutorial” and watch one of the videos to learn how to wire up the blueprints. The basic gist is that you select your trigger box, open the level blueprint, right click, select the event on overlap actor from the context menu. Drag a line off this to a Load Stream Level Node.

is there another way to make randomized terrain in ue4 using blueprints? And how would i break it up into acceptable sized chunks?
cant afford a terrain generator.