Make Aimoffsets blend properly with other animations in Persona

I have an aim offset that works great on its own. But I’m having trouble layering it onto my run cycle and attack animation.

Right now it looks like this:

The locomotion state machine is plugged in along with the R_Arm animation that is the attack animation. The aim offset isn’t plugged into anything right now. I’ve tried several setups trying to get it to work so that the locomotion is visible, the Right Arm plays the attack idle animation, his arm is essentially just held out and when you left click he moves his arm. I want that right arm animation to be affected by the aim offset but I’m not even sure it is possible the way the animations are built. It’s very hard to explain in text.

If I were to plug in the aimoffset directly to the result he will move his head, chest and right arm in the direction that the camera is looking. But I can’t have that when he has his attacking animation since that was just animated to go forwards. So maybe i have to redo the attack animation? Figured I could make it so that the attack animation which is animated to just go forwards could somehow be blended into the direction of the aimoffset. First time doing this so I’m not sure.

If anyone has experience with aimoffsets then I would greatly appreciate your help.