Make adventure games with me!

I am into making adventure games in the style of Discworld and Monkey Island but with 3D environments. I am doing all the work in Unreal, working day and night for three years now. My mechanics are ready. Inventory, dialogue system, save load system, some ai. Everything. I am willing to share what I ve learned with someone who is willing to work on environments and modeling in my two projects.

Hey, I am a level designer. I don’t have much of a portfolio but I have experience making realistic environments using quixel assets. I have been working with unreal engine for 3 years but I used to live in a remote location so I don’t have much experience with the community and sharing my work. But now I want to interact with people and learn more. Hope I can help.
If you want to contact me, my email is
Wish you have a good day.