Make Actor Stay At The End Of The Animation

Hi. I have a turret with an animation that changes the turrets state. I want to play this animation once to change the turrets state then make turret stay in that pose (end of the animation). If I play animation directly from actor blueprint I can achieve that but I am using “transform bone” node in AnimBP to rotate turret. If I use “play animation” node, animation mode changes and I can no longer use AnimBP.

Things I have tried:

1- Set animation mode back to AnimBP after animation is completed: This causes turret to return to its default pose.

2-Play animation inside a state machine in AnimBP: Animation loops continuously. I can change state when animation finishes to prevent looping but when I change states, turrets pose returns to default.

3-Use a poseable mesh and edit bones directly from actor blueprint: I can’t even play the animation on poseable mesh. I think it is not available.