Make Actor rotate to face spawned actor

Fairly new to UE and blueprint scripting, so please bare with me. I’m trying to make an actor rotate its yaw and stop relative to the center of a spawned actor. I’m using the Find Look at Rotation node, however the actor that’s rotation is consistently rotating the same amount every time the event is triggered.

I feel like I’m missing something simple, but I’ve not been able to work it out myself. any help would be appreciated. Here’s the portion of blueprint I’ve been working with:

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I built the setup you mentioned, but I’m still only getting the same result each time. The spawned actor is a randomly scaled object so the rotation should change each time the event is triggered.

While the setup you suggested gave me a different outcome that the Find Look at Rotation node gave me, it still isn’t producing a different rotation result each time the event is triggered.

This is way to get look at rotation that i know

Substract location vectors of both actors to eachother, you will create distace vector and it’s rotation will be look at rotation, to get vector rotation you need to plug vector to rotation pin, it will place rotation from vector node (which from some reason can’t be placed normally). If look at rotation is opposite then swap vector pins on substraction.

Ah notice whats wrong and it might also work with old code ^^ you using relative locoation, which is distance vector from root component, not location in the world like actor location (which is vector coming from center of the world 0,0,0 location). With current set up you actor with face location will somewhere at center of the world, or opossite from it.

So use this insted:

It return component location in world and it compatible with Get Actor Location

Also keep in mind that you setting relative rotation, so this will include rotation of root component and what you set in relative rotation will just add up to it.

This makes perfect sense and I cannot believe I missed it. I’m running into one problem though that I can’t find any documentation on, nor can I find a work around.

I’m trying to find the world location of the spawned actor. The only location it seems I can pull from this actor reference is its relative location.

I tried going into the spawned objects blueprint and creating an editable variable that is its world location, but that’s only returning a 0,0,0 value. That lead me to believe I’m not getting the world location of the in-game spawned actor.

I want to thank you again for your help, but do you have any suggestions on how I can acquire the world location for a spawned actor?

Are you sure you talking about actor refrence? Since normal actor does not have positional data at all components stores location data and only location function of actor is “Set (or Get) Actor Location” which sets location of root component.