Make a tech demo using sample project content


I have contacted Maketplace Support, by they told me to write here after giving me a non very clarifying reply.

Basically, I simply want to make a Windows-packaged UE5 demo, using the same content included in the Valley of the Ancient sample project. As it’s a ‘Content licensed for Use Only with Unreal Engine-based Products’, I suppose I can use it at any other marketplace UE-Only product, like Megascans, right? (Always using Unreal Engine only, of course).

I would only add a FPS counter and my name in the bottom-right corner, as something like ‘Published by my name’, ‘Compiled by my name’, or simply ‘by my name’, as shown in the attached image (I have blurred my name). The purpose is that anyone with a Windows capable PC, can enjoy the UE5 demo. Can I do it as shown in the screenshot? I want to upload it to, to make it accesible for everybody. Would be great to be able to do it before the weekend, so people can enjoy it as soon as possible.

I never do games, but ArchViz, Automotive Visualizations, Virtual Production benchmarks to measure GPU performance, or technical demonstrations like this (for fun, or to illustrate my clients what Unreal is capable of), and I never include any credits section, but I usually include my name in a corner of the screen or in the main menu (as shown in the attached screenshot), mainly, simply, as a non copyable watermark. I’m doing right?

Thank you very much and best regards,

I must say, that would come across as if you had actually made the demo, which you did not.

You need to make it clear somehow that you have only added the FPS and your name.

Thank you for your reply @ClockworkOcean!

Quite fair. Then, I will probably simply add a ‘Compiled by XXX’. But I would want to avoid large texts on screen.

Of course, it’s not my intention to try to look like I did the demo, as it would rest credibility to my rest of work, due to being evident it’s the Epic’s demo. But, for curiosity, I have an additional very serious doubt: (as far as I know) we don’t need to give credits to marketplace contents (if we don’t have a Credits section on our ‘game’), right? So we (hypothetical ‘we’) can use lot of packs on our game, and simply say that that game ‘is our’, as you can have used some assets and created a scenario with them, but also used an already made scenario… where is the ‘limit’ here? Maybe we can put something like a sign into the game, but not something more-like a credit? For example: simply adding your logo and name at a corner, without specifying what what part of the ‘game’ you did, instead of writing something like ‘Made by XXX’ [which maybe is not totally true (but my previous question is coming to my mind again: maybe you made the ‘game’ using some third-party assets. ‘Made’ seems to be a ambiguos/generic but true word, legally valid. Or the typical ‘© + XXX’, which I think can be added when you make and publish an application made with Unreal, right?. Even if for this situation, I’m not interested on using both terms, because what I said at the beginning about my reputation due to evident things, and someone thinking I was trying to trick him)].

Anyway, please, what about that logo + name addition, without extra words? Simply like a sign or watermak. Like this (even specifying it’s the Epic Games’ UE5 demo):

Thank you again and best regards,

Hi again, after reading lot of threads regarding similar issues, I have concluded the next:

Yes, I can make the demo as the last screenshot provided (as far as I have understood). Anyway, of course, a confirmation would be really appreciated.

Some interesting considerations (as far as I have understood, again) may be that I’m the owner of the ‘game’, so it may have sense to add a watermark. In addition, it doesn’t include a credits section, so an artist signature is fine, without needing to add any other credits nor references to ‘third parties’ (as pointed here, for example: Maybe could be useful to omit what kind of specific work I did, and simply add the signature.

Thank you again and best regards

The UE EULA does permit you to release a compiled version of the demo. Separate from that, however, we ask that you make very clear the nature of your contributions/modifications, so as not to cause confusion with respect to the origin of the content.

To that end,

  • We think both the “by” line and the Authorized Instructor logos in the bottom right corners of your two screenshots can be misinterpreted as crediting you for the content.
  • The watermark in the upper left hand corner of your second screenshot looks good.
  • Please include a statement on your product page that very clearly describes the nature of the demo - that it was created and release by Epic Games for use with Unreal Engine only, and that you are merely distributing a compiled executable.

Thank you very much @SonsOfKorhal,

With all your guidelines and to keep you the happiest as possible, making the best I can, I have finally removed all watermarks during gameplay and added something like a credits section, as a beginning and ending screen, before and after gameplay, with a delay. So, I have included Epic credits and clearly indicated the the demo was created and released by you, and I simply made some little extra changes. Here you are, I hope you like it!:

It’s already published here: Valley of the Ancient - UE5 demo by MARvizer

Thank you very much and best regards!