Make a simple bluescript node that creates a polygon

The idea behind this is quite simple.
Have a blueprint node, that accepts multiple locations for vertices and a material.

You would be able to create a simple shape in blueprints, by feeding it the location of each of the vertices of the shape you would like to make, and it’s material. It would go down from the first location to the second to the third (I’ll use a triangle as an example) and just create a flat plane in UE4’s 3D space.

I would love a feature like this. Basically being able to specify brush geometry during runtime using blueprint. Not sure, but in order to apply a material it may need to convert to a mesh first. Either way it would need some instancing support to go along with it.

Hello, sorry I just found it from seach, is there any way to create a polygon in 4.19? I want to be able to create polygon N-gon shape from the 10 points, is it possible now?

You can create custom/procedural meshes with blueprints