Make a Service quickstart tutorial. What is that 2nd node?

I’m currently learning unreal and have a question about the quickstart tutorial on making a service. The tutorial tells you to “make the blueprint in the image” but I have no idea what node is depicted in the below. It looks like the blueprint is just checking to see if the reference was set, so I’m assuming I could just use an IsValid, but was wondering what the node in the picture is.

This is the != node, which is the opposite of ==. It checks if A is not equal to B.

But you should just use the IsValid macro since it does the same thing and is cleaner.

When the drop drown is set to ‘Select Asset’, it is comparing to null. That line of code would be:

if (AI CON Ref != nullptr)

And yea, is valid would look a lot cleaner here (the macro version of is valid)

Actually I suspect this is an old tutorial because the best way to do this is actually to just right-click the AI CON Ref variable and click Convert to Validated Get. This actually turns the var reference into a validation node. It was added a few engine versions ago and makes the IsValid node unnecessary in most instances.

Thanks all. I ended up using the IsValid node before reading this but the convert to validated get is an awesome tip.