Make a resource damage you when it's in your inventory

Hi. I have an idea for a mod where you can collect cinnabar ore.

Cinnabar is very toxic, so I’m wondering if there’s a way to make it so every second the resource actually damages you, just by being in your inventory.


You can probably do it with a buff

I found a field where it applies the buff on use, but I’d like the buff to be passive as long as the player is holding it.

Do you know how I can make that happen?

Give buff to owner maybe

I’m pretty sure that only goes into effect if you use it

That’s give buff on use.

“Buff to Give Owner Character” only fires when the item is actually used and only works for consumables.
There are several graph nodes on primal items that may work.
You can try BPPreUseItem, BPCanUse, BPCanAddToInventory and BlueprintOwnerPossessed.
I know that BPCanUse continuously fires when you open the inventory and the item is visible in the inventory which probably is not what you’d want to use so try the others.
BPCanAddToInventory sounds promising for what you are trying to achieve.
Not exactly sure how you’d cancel the buff when it is removed from the inventory though. Maybe a looped timer on the buff itself checking to see if the item is in the players inventory or not?

I got a pocket full of Kryptonite.

I have the BPCanAddtoInventory node but what do I attach it to in order to make it fire in the blueprint? I know how to use UE4, but I’m still figuring out how ark works.

There should be a checkbox in the defaults and you’ll want to use “Implement Function” as opposed to using the event.