Make a pawn use the same rotation as the Camera

Hey guys, thanks for the help so far, my skills have really improved in Blueprints and soon when I have completed something bigger I want to share it with you all :smiley:

Anyways, I have been working on a small subsystem that basically puts the player into Strafe Mode, when they press the Right Thumbstick. This is all well and good and working great, as I have it switching between two sets of camera properties when it is pressed.

What I am asking is, how do I make sure the player pawn mesh is always ‘pointing towards where the camera is facing’? This is what I am trying to achieve, and when I have my own assets, the player will be strafing instead of doing a weird sideways walk thing that the default third person mesh does XD

Here is a snippet of my BP:

Am I doing it the wrong way by getting the rotation of the camera and then applying the rotation to the mesh? Is there a better way? Because with this method the mesh is not facing the correct direction. (I have purposely left the Break and Make Rot connections unconnected for this picture).

If anyone has a solution, I will happily share the results :smiley:

All the best! :smiley: Thank you in advance! :smiley:

I, too, would love to figure this out as well.

Unfortunately, i dont have enough experience to help, but i’ll keep an eye on it

Why not unset the variable that orients the character direction to movement?

Just grab your CharacterMovementComponent (you may need to Show Inherited Variables) to find it), drag it to your mesh, and then drag off of it to pull up the context-sensitive menu, under Vars > Character Movement, Set OrientRotationToMovement to false.

I didnt try it as I just threw this together quickly, but it should work, it will get the pawn owner’s camera rotation, then you can make a rot with whichever of the axis you want

also, not sure if you are extending from any templates, but this small change will do what I think you want in the third person template: