Make a passenger to sit in your taxi (Vehicle)

Hi. I’m a student making a game as my final year project in UE4. And it is just awesome!
I need help.
I need to make a passenger to sit in my vehicle (Rickshaw/Taxi) and i am on a point where my character actually detects the taxi and runs to it to sit into it. But i can’t do the SIT part (I HAVE THE SIT ANIMATION). How do i make it sit in my vehicle as a passenger?
Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you.

This my blueprint for character to get to rickshaw. And it works. Kindly Tell me how to make it sit in the rickshaw. (I HAVE THE SIT ANIMATION)
THANKS IN ADVANCE. Hope someone replies.

I’m assuming you are going to possess the rickshaw.
Add the sitting mesh to the rickshaw mesh in the blueprint but in the rendering uncheck the visible. After the “enter vehicle” animation do a set visible for the mesh.